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  1. I have a question, I have several eggs in my fridge right now , like 13 plus the 4 doz I collected this evening. Where do I go so that I can sell them in the stores? Someone please help me! I know I have to candle them but what exactly am I looking for? Do I need an egg scale?

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    You should check with your local extension agency. They would have the answers you need for your state and local area. I think there are several USDA hoops you have to jump through to market and sell your eggs in stores.

    I think it is fairly universal to say that the egg carton must have your name and address and phone number on it. Also labled ungraded, etc. You can't lable them organic without certification of your flock. I am not sure about the labling for free-range. There are many variables.

    Maybe you could post a sign at your driveway and one in a busy place and indicate you have farm fresh eggs?
  3. I live in a very rural area, and I do have signs up everywhere. I actually found my answers that I needed lastnight searching through the state, but will check with my local extension office.

    Hey it's hunting season up here, and I am sure the outta staters like farm freash eggs to go with their deer and birds. I will put a sign out by the road. Thanks, I had been thinking about that, but it being hunting season just come into my head. LOL The light finally came on!!

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