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    I hate that all the stay at home moms have never worked a day in their life. [​IMG]

    Some people need to think before they speak. I've seen the job stay at home moms have and want no part of it.

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    Stay at home mom here. Good thing whoever said that didn't say it in my presence, lol! [​IMG]I've worked full time, then when I had kids, I worked part time, and now very sporadically (on call with school system, don't get called very often.) If I do get called to work, it is school hours, so I'm always home before the kids. Not only that, I take care of 95% of the chores on our mini farm, I am responsible for the books, everything to do with the kids, house, pet and livestock care, etc. The only thing that stopped me for a short time of doing some of the harder, outdoor chores, was that I've had both hips replaced within the last 10 months. Don't want to sound like I'm tooting my own horn, but it is hard work. I truly believe that moms that work full time, work hard too, though. However, there is something to be said for getting a break from your kids, and being in the "adult" world a few hours a day or so,, lol! I like to work, and trust me, we need the money. It just isn't feasible right now. I don't have a sitter, and I don't feel comfortable leaving my kids home alone. And my goodness, if I worked full time, I'd be up till 2 in the morning getting the stuff at home done!! I have been looking for a part time job that lets me work when my kids are in school, but what happens when kids are sick, (which has been alot lately) or summer comes up. It is quite frustrating. I feel guilty for not bringing in some income, but I feel good knowing that I am taking care of things at home and am there for my girls when they need me.

    ETA: Please tell me someone didn't actually say to you that stay at home moms don't work? [​IMG]
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  3. 3LilBirds

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    It takes me hours to clean the house, sometimes days, because I constantly have to stop and entertain a 2 yr old or go get someone or cook something etc... Lets not even mention laundry... The washer and dryer are constantly going. There is never sick time, vacation time and I don't know when I've gone potty by myself in the last 16 years! LOL It's not easy being 1 person caring for 6 plus animals BUT I do it because of love, commitment and it can be extremely rewarding! Yeah I've had a few people tell me that it's not work. They all have been put in their place. lol
  4. yomama

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    Ha ha ha! My girls are a little older now, so I no longer get followed into the bathroom, or have the door busted open (most of the time). I used to call it "party in the potty!" unfortunately, my 4 dogs still think they need to follow me in there.
    I hear you on the entertaining. Again my girls are older than your child, but the way our house is laid out, my bed room is on one end, then living room, then kitchen in the middle, and laundry room on the end. (it's like a big rectangle) I have to pass them constantly as I'm doing stuff, and they feel the need to stop me every time, to either tell me something that happened on tv, or something funny on the computer, or something that happened in their book. Don't get me wrong, I will stop whatever I am doing to listen to them if it is obviously important, or semi important. I don't want them to think I don't care about what they have to say, because I do. But I just get tired of them having to relay an entire episode of whatever show they just watched, when I heard the whole thing as I passed back and forth by the tv, lol! And yeah, I'm surprised my washer and dryer are still going. They run all day, every day. I swear, the dirty laundry knows how to make more dirty laundry babies.[​IMG]
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    LOL I'm glad someone else understands! I feel like I'm going crazy sometimes. Lately my almost 16 yr old is CONSTANTLY repeating stuff from shows she watches and it's not even to tell me about the show, it's just to annoy me with certain sayings. LOL siiigh If I don't have a 2 yr old follow me in the bathroom, my cat rushes in before I can close the door! Ever since he was a Kitten he likes to hang out behind my legs. I really miss having my family around. I used to get a break sometimes my Mom would take them so I could get things done, but we had to move across the country about 5-6 years ago so now there is no family around. That really kinda stinks. Grandparents can be lifesavers!
  6. they'reHISchickens

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    Oct 31, 2008
    I was a SAHM of 5 before the divorce. Fortunately the kids were mostly grown before that came ( my initiation-- I dropped the functional alcoholic spouse). I firmly believe that the USA thinks that SAHM moms do not work. That is because our government believes they do not work. You get no credit or acknowledgement at all for doing the job that everyone pays big money for daycares to do. Ten years ago I discovered that the govt would pay $20K a year for 5 kids in daycare while the single mom was in a minimum wage job. Frankly who can afford to work in any normal job and pay 20K a year in childcare? Yet, SAHM do it for free.
    And make do on a single income so the family can't afford the toys that 2-income parents indulge their children in. Somewhat of a sore point with me, but I still would not have changed a thing. My kids knew where I was and I knew where they were. We did things together and I brought up good citizens. My baby is 27 and my #1 is 35 today. i am proud of all of them and they are very glad I sacrificed to be there with them... handmedowns, garagesales and all!
    Oh yeah, I fed them with homegrown organic food but that doesn't count either.
    What does count is that my kids were not indoctrinated into the standardized thinking that is pervasive in any gov't run daycare/childcare/school setting. Independent thinking is the best gift in the world:)
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    I remember a few years ago someone did a study of how much it would cost to replace the SAHM and it was way high. Maybe someone could find it.

  8. Mattemma

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    Aug 12, 2009
    I saw that debate.Like I told dh there will always be people debating who is better,more valued, or smarter than the next. Doesn't matter to me anymore. I am a sahm for now,but I started working when I was 16.Took care of 30+ elderly and disabled people every day after school.It was hard work sometimes requiring I lift 200+ pounds alone,but hey atleast I got holiday pay AND days off.

    I haven't had a day off in almost 14 years now.Just one day off that is all I need,lol.
  9. OldGuy43

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    Cheers for stay-at-home moms. [​IMG]

    Wish I'd had one. Getting yourself off to school at age 8 is bad enough, but coming home to an empty house is worse.
  10. MonsterMom

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    Mar 2, 2012
    SAHM here.
    During the holidays I pick up some seasonal evening work so I can have a break. Ha!

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