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  1. Since we've settled on the bantam cochins, we must rehome these four beautiful 2 3/4 month old std. cochin babies. We handle them daily and they are quiet and lovely to be around. They free-range during the day with the rest of the flock and quickly come when called to their coop in the evening. There are 3 pullets and 1 cockerel. I am willing to ship if the temp here and at their destination is below 90 degrees. The box is $32 (unless you have one that you would like to send) and then whatever the Express mail USPS fee is.

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  2. Panther Creek Poultry

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    So $32 to ship are you giving the birds away or is there a charge for them also????

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    How much are the actual birds. I am about 1 hour from you and very interested in them.

  4. I put them on last night and have a bid of $25.00. I will update the title of this post. At this point, I can't put a $$ figure on them, but I would welcome your bid.


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