Stealth cockerel. I'm going insane!


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So, I have a mixed flock of 12 approx 6-7 mo. old, BR, Amerecaunas, Lt Brahmas, Buckeyes, Speckled Sussex, and GL Wyandotts. a few are from a local breeder and the rest are TSC birds. Every morning for the past 2 weeks or so, I'm awakened around dawn by some pretty pathetic, but increasingly abundant crowing. This is only my second year with chickens, but last year, the cockerel was easy to spot in my RIR. This year with all new breeds, I am at a loss. I have 2 of each breed, and 3 of the sussex. Comparing them to each other, I'm not really seeing any difference in combs or feathers.(which could mean I have 2 cockerels as well.)

I know it's not the BR, she's a layer we kept from last year. I know it's not the buckeyes, because they both do the "mount me squat" when you get near them. I'm pretty sure it's the sussex or Lt Brahmas. I've tried to sneak out 3 times this past week to catch the culprit in the act of crowing, but have been unsuccessful. Of course he shuts up as soon as I go outside, even out of sight. I have noticed if I come home late to collect eggs, and they are all roosting, one of the brahamas is always in the bedding, not on a roost even though there is more than enough space for the 12 of them.
Anyone know of any tell tale signs or behaviours that I should be looking for? I've not witnessed any mounting either. I'm just concerned that I'm going to get a police visit or letter if someone complains. I live in an urban setting that has no bans on chickens, but they do fall under noise violations.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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