Steel Cut oatmeal


10 Years
Jun 24, 2009
Can I throw some 100% wholegrain Irish oats (Steel Oats Oatmeal), no chemical or preservatives to my hens? How much could they eat--a handful or a cup --I have some and would like to put it to some good use. I don't like it. It is pure. Will it hurt them?
Sure - your chickens can eat just about anything. Mine will happily gobble up oatmeal (all kinds) as a treat. Just throw some down on the ground and they'll peck at it... maybe start with a handful to see how hungry they are.
I was worried--because I read somewhere that Scratch Grains shouldn't exceed 10% of the daily food rations. And since I don't always see throughout the day how much laying crumble they eat, was worried if a handful would be okay--it is very fine and pure. I know oatmeal expands with water--I have visions of all these hens walking around with bloated stomachs!! SMILES.

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