Steer got 'horned' ~ Team Roping ~ *potentially graphic details*


10 Years
Mar 30, 2009
South Alabama
I am into team roping. I am a header and completly addicted.

Yesterday at the weekly practice meet I saw a steer get horned!
There were 2 of them in the shute and one just stuck his horn up the other ones rear. It really looked liked it hurt. The steer just dropped to the ground once they were freed from each other...and they were stuck! It took 2 men to unstick them. Someone then yelled out from the crowd "Ya'll horned him, now you gotta rope him" LOL But they let that poor steer out of the shute to go lie down and recover!

Anyone ever seen that happen before? It was a first for me.
Ugh, that's sounds horrible! LOL I've never even heard of something like that happening, but I'm sure it was quite the sight!

I would sooo love to learn how to rope. Unfortunately I live in NJ and most of our horse "sports" involve english riding! I need to move out west!
I have seen lots of things but this was my first on that! It was a wild sight for sure! I felt so bad for the steer but he was complelty over it by the time I left from there. I was shocked though LOL

I have been big into reining and cutting but once I started team roping, I have been hooked. It is so much fun. If you get started you won't be able to stop. I now rope everything and everyone from the kids to the dogs to chairs to posts to the side mirror on the trucks...LOL
I've actually reined before, but never on a horse that knew what it was doing. I just sort of winged it and got away with it because I was the only one who competed :)

I would LOVE to do some cutting though. My dad used to do it on my mare years ago and he had so much fun. The problem is, there are very few, if any places around here to do that. Most places charge like $40 for a couple of minutes in the pen with cows doing team penning.

I would love to get my gelding involved. He was a ranch horse for about 7 years and has a ton of cow sense. He's even built like a cow horse. I haven't been able to try him out on them myself though!
If you have a local western saddle club in your area you could contact them to see if any of them do cow horse work. If you have a horse that has worked cattle for that long then sounds like you have a good horse to start off with.

All of it is ridiculously expensive, even the team roping. Every event to rope in is $50 - $150 per shot. They put all the money together that everyone entered and take out for the cattle charge and then whoever wins gets to split the purse.

Just to practice, we have to pay a $25 cattle charge per rider per cow that is roped. We practice twice a week plus do an event once a week. It adds up in a hurry but let me tell you it IS worth every dime I have lost!!
Holy mackeral! That is quite a bit! Back when I was showing it probably came up to about that per show though, so it makes sense. Horses are expensive!

For awhile my dad was thinking about pickin gup a few young steers to play with around the yard, but he hasn't actually done it yet. IDK if he ever will, but he was thinking he could pick up some super cheap young steers and then sell them at auction after a bit. The place we used to play with cows at did this and it was great. I think he charged like $20 for an entire night and everybody just took turns going into the ring with the cows. I never got to do it myself, but I watched my dad a few times. Then the guy who owned the farm got into money troubles and apparently was running from the law. He disappeared and we haven't found a place since.

I have a couple ropes lying around. I should really practice roping things. I'd definitely need some major practice from the ground before i ever thought about doing it from a horse! LOL

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