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  1. Queen of the Lilliputians

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    Apr 5, 2007
    Well, time is getting closer to get our chicks (Woohoo!), and we have a lead on a rooster someone has. The poor thing lives entirely alone (there are NO other chickens AT ALL), sterile, and has a birth defect (according to Hubby, he walks funny ?)

    Anyway, since I DO want a rooster, but not quite ready for the project of breeding, this guy sounds perfect. But I'm not sure how it works...
    My understanding is that he's ALWAYS been sterile (no operation or anything). Will he still be alpha male in the flock? Will he be able to handle the other responsibilities assigned to his role? (sounds like I'm hiring a gov't employee, not bringing home a roo!) I would like the crowing, keeping a watch on the girls, and so on, minus the aggression.

    Do other people have roos like this? How does this work out? I believe he's a year old or so, and the little ones will be just chicks.

    TIA! Got the coop all set up today! Got the brooder box ready (still arguing with Hubby about first weeks being in hse, though... [​IMG] )
    If I don't get these chicks soon I'll BURST! LOL
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    Well....just a few things...first of old is this roo? How are you sure he is sterile? Was he tested by a vet?

    How old will the hens be when you get them? If they are wont want them to be any were near the older roo....untill they are at least 5 months old in case he tried to mount them. He could hurt a young hen.

    I think once the hens are older....he would be a great roo for them...sterile or not. His natural instinct is to protect "his" ladies. Maybe if you get him so can grab yourself a hen or 2...or keep him company?

    Good luck keeping babies in the house. Maybe by the time you get them, it will be warm enough outside to keep them in an outside brooder? Just make sure it is safe!Mine were in a 4 x 4 wooden crate...with a wire top, I can life to get in to feed them. I used a bent nail to catch the top on to make it secure when I was done.

    Have fun with your peeps!!
  3. Queen of the Lilliputians

    Queen of the Lilliputians Chillin' With My Peeps

    Apr 5, 2007

    Great questions, thanks so much for your reply.

    Well.. this is through dh, who isn't quite as detailed as I :eek: so I have limited info, but I'll be sure to ask!
    This rooster's current home is where he was hatched, and I believe he did have a flock in the past, and actually I found out this morning that he does have a few meat birds there. I have no idea if he's been vet examined or not (and I was thinking after I put up my post that maybe, in the past, his leg wasn't strong enough.. maybe he does produce the sperm, but wasn't able to get in position?). As for the 'extra' ladies, LOL! Hubby is actually pushing for that, and now that you've suggested it, too, I think I will look into it. The reason I'm so big on the chicks is that we would have raised them, and would know their temperaments, etc., and I wouldn't worry as much about aggression.

    As for him attacking the girls, I was sorta hoping since he'll be WAY outnumbered that it wouldn't happen? Probably deluding myself! Thanks for that warning. The coop/run we have is big enough to seperate if need be, so I'll look into that, too.

    And we have the brooder box all set up (in the garage!) It's good sized, with heat lamp already set up in it, and a wooden lid (lots of air holes for ventilation, too). Since this is Maine, no telling on Weather in May, especially this crappy year (snowfall tonight is predicted at 6-10". ENOUGH ALREADY!!)
    And I was afraid if they were in the garage, even if warm enough, that they wouldn't be as friendly since they wouldn't be around us as much. Or no?

    Thanks! I am so one of those people who wants every gosh darn detail...[​IMG] Thanks for not telling me I was driving you all CRAZY with my inane questions!
  4. justusnak

    justusnak Flock Mistress

    As far as putting them in the garage....thats a GREAT place for them. Thats where i have set my brooders 2 yrs in a row. Seems to work great...jsut be ready for the DUST....ohhhh the dust! I have to go through the garage to let my dogs in or out to thier I was in there several times a day. Every time I opened the door...I would say...baaaabies!! That way they new I was coming, and would not be so scared of the sounds. When you look over the top of the brooder, it can make them feel like you are a warn them by voice first. Mine are 5 weeks now, and hapily out in the coop brooder. The seem happy, talking to the older hens through the fence. They still have a heat light because of the COLD temps at night. I think its day 3 for them out there, and all are happy, with twice as much room to scratch around.

    I would seperate the roo from the babies, untill they are 5 months..just to be safe. If he tries to mount them...and cant because of his leg, he could hurt them.
    Have fun with the babies..and of course, we want pics!!

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