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    So last night I decided to use my stethoscope on my hatching eggs. It was so awesome to be able to hear the little heartbeats. There was
    An egg i couldn't see into but could hear a heartbeat. It's great because it only takes a few seconds so I can do it when I turn the eggs and they never have to leave the carton.I will also know immediately if I lose an egg, which will be great for troubleshooting.
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    Sep 4, 2013
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    That is really cool!
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    Nov 7, 2012
    Please tell me what you use for a stethoscope? I have a cheap disposable one, would that work??? If not, I've gotta get one. What would be an acceptable price range to get acceptable quality?
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    The one I have was my grandmother's (she was a nurse) so I have no idea what kind it is. The disposable should work but I've never seen one so in person so you will just have to test and see. Let me know if it works. Price would depend on your budget and how often you incubate. Me personally I don't plan on incubating anymore if enough of these hatch out so I couldn't justify spending $50 on one. I love the peace of mind it gives me so if I planned on doing several more hatches I would definitely get one.

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