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    I have been trying everything I have read to get rid of stick fast fleas on my chickens and haven't been able to get rid of them. I have used food grade DE, cleaned the coops, sprayed pesticide, even tried a drop or two of frontline on each chicken. The frontline seems to have helped, but not gotten rid of the fleas. I tried the olive oil and that didn't work either. Does anyone know if I can give the chicken comfortis? Maybe put a pill in their water? Please let me know because I live in central Florida and it's warm and sandy and very difficult to get rid of the stick fast fleas. Thanks in advance

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    So far WD-40 has killed every kind of bug I've sprayed it on, doesn't harm the birds except sometimes giving them a bit of dried skin.
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    Here is an article that goes over them.

    Olive oil can be absorbed into the skin so not sure if it would work to suffocate them, it's probably absorbed into the chickens skin and not really doing what you hope to the fleas. I think petroleum jelly would be better for that, it is not absorbed and should coat and kill them. Good luck.
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    I have been reading every post possible, because i wanna be ready if they get fleas! Indeed, Valeslune administered with a Q tip will suffocate them. Avoid eyes, but i know if some accidentally hits the eye its not the end of the world. Some people used Adams, spray bird and apply with your fingers around eyes and head. Many spread Sevin dust, use lavender.

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