Stick tight flea and scaley leg mite...

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    Sep 10, 2014
    When I first bought my silkie hen she was already infested with soooo many stick tight fleas. You couldn't even see her face, and the guy we bought her off said they will just come off if you use oil... I hate that guy. She also came with scaley leg mite, then I bought the other two from someone else who were healthy and happy and now they look scraggly. I have had all 3 now for over 2 years! They have been infested with stick tight fleas for that long! I feel so bad for them. Only one is suffering from scaley leg mite. I have been trying to get these things out for ever! I just do not know what to do. We are moving to a new farm on the 5th of Jan and we are getting more chickens and I do not want the, to suffer like these silkies! But I would NEVER kill them like most people tell me, they are my family and I love them so much! I wouldn't never kill them for a million dollars! They actually mean the world to me and I hate seeing the, with these stupid bugs! I just wish they were happy and healthy :( what should I do when I move? They are just going to get infested again in the new coop there. I have tried oil, Vaseline, mite spray, powdering the coop with poultry dust, giving them baths, pulling them off with tweasers and this other flea ointment stuff. When I'm working with them I always get fleas on me and bite me and they do pinch and it must hurt so much for the hens to have the, all over their face, on their head and on their wattle and comb. They are like a whole bunch!! 100s of them in just one hen. Oh please help me!
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    I would treat them with Permectrin II which is permethrin. Here is a good article to read and follow instructions on removal and treatment of facilities:

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