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    Mar 4, 2009
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    Introducing to new sticker sets you well not find any where else!

    Pet Set:


    The pet set has 6 stickers in it constiing of 1 horse, 1 dog, 1 ladybug, 1 hedgehog, and 1 hamster ( these images can be resized to fit more of one type on a page etc, your you can chose just one you would like and i can print off a page of those)

    Zoo Set:


    The zoo set is by far my fav. set of stickers we offer. That has Dinos, Crocks, panguins, Monkeys {that is my Favorite of all) and one more animal.

    I can do custom just-for-you sets of stickers. Just send me an email at [email protected]

    Hurry fast i only have 7 sheets left to print then i have to order some! Shipping is around 2.00 as the envelopes are "over sized"

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