Sticky chick still not fluffed up


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Sep 7, 2021
I have three chicks that hatched yesterday - my first try at incubation! Two of them have fluffed up beautifully, but the third got stuck while zipping and I had to help her out. She emerged covered in gunk which dried hard and stuck one of her wings to her back. I gave her a gentle warm bath last night, freed her wing and then warmed her back up before popping her into the brooder with her sisters. She's looking better now, but still not fluffy. She also does A LOT of shouting. Should I bathe her again? She's eating and drinking, and at this moment she isn't yelling. Just leave her? Would electrolytes help?

Thanks in advance for any advice - this forum has been an absolute lifeline in my incubation adventure!



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Feb 2, 2009
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I had that happen when I helped a chick in the incubator. I also washed it in a cup of warm water to help get some of the gunk off. I used plain water. In retrospect I'd use a little dishwashing liquid in the water and rinsed well, it would probably work better. I'd already given the other chicks in that hatch to a broody hen so I added that chick to the group. She accepted the chick and things went well. I took close to a week for that gunk to wear off and the chick to look normal. As long as the chick can move normally I think you've done what you needed to do.

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