Sticky feathers then chickens die

Feb 3, 2021
I’ve had 5 chickens in the last six weeks get these similar symptoms and then die:
One eye shut, sticky feathers(like they rolled in something), weight loss, strange smell, feathers look like they’re wet, but they’re not. Feathers underneath look matted. The chickens that have died are all in molt, female and 18 months old, previously fat and happy.
Background: I lost 2 chickens I got from an auction prior to this that had completely different symptoms and had been quarantined away from these. The 5 that have died are my original flock. I had necropsies done on the 2 auction chickens, just in case of Coryza or Merck’s. The necropsy showed fowl pox, leg mites and thread worms no coryza/no Merck’s. I need help because my vet does not have any answers.
I have done these things to all of the chickens, my original flock and auction chickens: wormed, sprayed for lice and mites, treated leg mites, antibiotics, B12. Everyone else looks fat and happy. It takes 3 days from feathers showing wet/stuff/sticky, one eyes shuts then weakness and death.


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