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  1. jordanhaspinkhair

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    Nov 4, 2010

    I bought a bag of "St Gabriel's Food Grade diatomaceous earth" and I from searching the forums here I can't quite get a straight answer on whether or not it is safe... I think it is ok because it does say Food Grade on the bag, & to sprinkle directly onto pet fur for flea prevention...
    Here is a link to what I've got

    So is this OK for my girls?

    Thank you all [​IMG]
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    If it says DE Food grade then it is totally safe to use! You can google DE and find out more about it there is lots of info on it out there! i Use it and firmly believe in it
  4. emarble

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    Checked out your site you posted and it is Food grade and totally safe for use around chickens and You and all other pets
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    This is one of those topics that frequently causes a great deal of disagreement. You will find lots of folks swearing by it (one person actually claims that it cures cancer and blindness) but you cannot disregard the potential health risks involved from inhaling it. The physical structure of the microscopic particles that makes it effective against certain bugs is what also makes it dangerous to inhale. Just because it may be safe to ingest does not mean it is safe to inhale. Rely on the labelling by the manufacturer for your facts and make your decisions based on that.
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    May 2, 2010
    Quote:I agree! I just bought a 50# sack of the food grade, and I highly urge you to buy and use a respirator when spreading it! The first time I used it I had a thin mask type thinking it would work. NO way! I choked and coughed and gagged all night and into the next day! You should also use eye protecting goggles while spreading it. Makes me rethink the idea that this stuff could be good for anyone or anything breathing it in. Even the directions on the bag called for a respirator for small particulate matter. I may finish off the bag on the run area and in my garden, but I highly doubt I want my chickens breathing in this stuff in the close proximity of the coop! JMHO
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    Nov 4, 2010
    Thanks so much everyone! [​IMG] I am super relieved now. And thanks for the tip for the respirator!

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