Still fighting the sneezes!


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So I have been treating my flock with yogurt and cod liver oil for a few weeks to try and fight off the sneezes without medicating. I really don't wanna medicate if I don't have to. There are no other symptoms really. Just sneezing and a few shakes of the head from time to time. This is primarily occuring in the same one rooster but the second rooster does it every once in a while and I've heard a hen do it like once.
What in the world do yall think this is and what should I do?
Is their coop dusty? Are you using shavings or hay or straw for bedding? If they are just sneezing I don't think (but could be wrong) they are sick. If they were by now they would have other symptoms like runny noses, swollen eyes, poor appetite etc.

Check the dust level.
I use pine shavings in their coop. And yes it gets dusty from time to time. Like today they ran out of feed before I got home ( yes I'm bad I felt aweful!) but they had scratched a mountain of litter back from under the feeder...scavengers they are. It was super dusty inside even made me cough!
I think you should clean out the coop, sweep up the dust that is left over and start again. Use the shavings from the feed store. They come in a compacted bundle. If it was enough to make you cough it is enough for the chickens to sneeze. Another reason I recommend cleaning the coop is that the chickens have very sensitive respiratory systems and it's just a matter of time before they get a respiratory infection.

Cleaning out the coop this time of year has another advantage. You can sprinkle poultry dust on the floor close to the walls and it will kill any mites that are in the area trying to find a nice warm chicken to spend the winter on. Mite infestation in the winter is horrible. Sprinkle the dust gently, don't create a cloud, and put nice new bedding on the floor.

After the clean out I don't think you will have any more sneezing.
So what should I do? Just remov all of the old litter sweep real well sprinkle poultry dust (or DE????) stall dry maybe and then replace the litter??? What I buy comes from tsc and is compacted into little "bales".

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