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7 Years
Jun 1, 2012
Sacramento, CA
Hi! I live in Sacramento and don't have any chickens yet. My parents had a flock when I was a kid. Since I joined BYC I've just been researching what kind of chickens I want, how to keep them healthy, how to make a coop, etc.
I hope someday to move to a more rural area where I could get a roo. I love the sound of crowing and the presence of a noble critter strutting around proudly.
I have a wonderful Black lab/border collie mix that I think will make a great herder. She's good with my guinea pigs.
Any helpful tips, guys?

Welcome from Southern Virginia. And congrats to you for taking the time to do your research first. You might want to find the 'where am I, where are you' forum and the California thread. I'm sure there's lots of people near you who can help you with the details of chicken keeping in CA. Also, they can hook you up with local breeders.
Just spending time on BYC is a great way to learn about chickens and chicken care.
. I don't have chickens so I don't have any advice for you but you've come to the right place for research!
Greetings from Kansas, Finley, and
! Happy you joined our coop! I agree with a previous poster - you can accumulate tons of valuable info just from surfing around BYC. Go to the various forums and absorb or type in specific questions in the search bar. You can bet it has been asked and answered on BYC. Best of luck to you!!
Hi Finley! Welcome to BYC from Kentucky. You've come to the right place to learn about chickens. Don't forget to check out the Coops section for great advice and designs galore! Have you decided yet on some breeds that might work for you?

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thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
At the state fair I fell in love with the cooky personality of silkies, but I'm also really drawn to Welsummers, Barred rocks ( I loved these as a kid), Partridge rocks, Orpingtons, and Rhode Island reds.
Basically I love them all, darnit. Even though I want some eggs, a good personality is more important to me.

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