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    My son was given 2 parlor rollers late last winter. Both turned out to be males. We have a terrible rat problem at the moment, so now both the pigeons are gone. They were in a 'coop' with my dad's flying pigeons, so they didn't stand a chance (with not being able to fly).

    I'm almost done with my chicken building, and would like to get him a couple more. I would prefer a pair, but same-sex would be all right. They would have a 5'x3' pen, once the building is finished. Until then, I'll keep them in a 2'x4' cage inside our barn.

    He just today realized that his were gone, he cried all day [​IMG] He is not allowed to go into dad's pigeon 'coop', and today was the pigeons' first day out since being moved. So of course he noticed them not being there. [​IMG]

    One that he had was pure black with red legs, he really liked that one. That was also the one that rolled the best, the other was more of a tumbler, only flipping 2-3 times before stopping.

    I don't need show quality, or even breeder quality. I just want 2 birds, so they can keep each other company, for my son to have as pets [​IMG]

    Please pm me if you have any!!!

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    there are 4 for sale on right now.

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