still losing one chicken every 10 days

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    I have used sulfamethazine in their water as suggested by my local feed store where I bought some of my chicks that are now 6 months old, they act lethargic for a few days and weak, then they die. They die one chicken at a time about every 10 days. So far its been all my 6 month olds, not my older chickens, but last 2 days one of my older chickens is acting strange, lethargic and not interested very much in food, sort of uncoordinated. Another piece of advice I had from a feed store chicken person was to do another round of antibiotic along with wormer that goes in their food. Does anybody know what would kill one chicken at a time about every 10 days?
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    I really think it is time for you to get a chicken necropsy done by your state vet to see what is killing them. I would also start Corid which treats more strains of coccidiosis than sulfamethazine (Sulmet.) Here is a link for your state vet to contact:
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    It sounds much like fowl cholera to me. Birds generaly die within 10 day without treatment. Sulfa resistant strains have been known to cause problems. Penicillin or Enrofloxacin injections. Use a 20 gauge luer lock syringe for pen at .5 to .75cc for a 5 lb hen. Do it for 3-5 days.

    Enfloxil 10% is 1/4 cc for 5lb bird. You can use a 22 gauge needle for that.

    Here's some more info on fowl cholera:
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