Still not laying???!!!!


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11 Years
Apr 25, 2008
I have about 28 hens, some are about three years old, some two, some almost one. I am only getting 4 eggs per day and I thought with the warmer weather (I am in KY) that we should be getting more.
When we had the warm spell in January they started laying again like crazy. I don't know what to think. I am considering culling the entire flock and starting over. Today a chicken clucked as if she layed an egg and I ran right in there but there was no egg to be found. I do feed them some but not too much as I want them to forage.
Are they eating their eggs? How can I tell for sure unless I stand in the coop all day?
Another consideration, it may be rats. My cat killed most of them but one did get away. it was IN the coop which is chicken wired like Fort KNox, but there has obviously been a breech. My new cat (the other one died) is not a very good mouser yet.
Should I give it more time? I just don't know what to think......


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