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    May 25, 2011
    This is the first time raising chickens. I have 6 Barred Rock hens that will be 23 weeks old this Thursday. I was told they lay between 18-22 weeks old. I have friends who have chickens and they say I should be getting eggs by now. They look and act healthy. I have them on layer feed now. I try not to over do it with the scratch. I dont get it. How long should I wait until it is determined there something wrong? I opened their boxes up to and put some golf balls in them. They dont even go in them.
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    Is it possible they arent as old as you think they are?
    Are there any stressors?
    Are they healthy?
    Have you read the why arent my chickens laying 'sticky' posted in this section?
    Good luck--I'm sure they will start laying soon. Waiting is the hardest part!
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    It depends on the breed when they start laying as well. 18 weeks is usually the soonest, though I'm sure somewhere they lay earlier...certainly not mine! LOL
    I've got some that are larger breeds that still haven't started to lay and they are 6 months old in October.
    With days getting shorter, that may have some bearing too. A lot of friend's chickens and some of mine are molting...that takes a lot out of them, so if yours are molting too then it may be awhile until they lay. You can try extra protein as well and some people add cayenne pepper to their feed, but I've not done that yet.
    Don't panic..they'll lay!
    Look for redder comb and wattles and they'll start spending some time in the nest boxes or looking for a place to lay.

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