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Sep 25, 2010
Okay so I set eggs on the 15th of Sept.. in the afternoon, I had them on lock down since Sat. the 2nd of Oct. Should I be worried that I haven't heard any sound or movement from them.. they were moving and pretty much alive on the day of lock down, I did one last candling then. but i'm worried its been a week and they have yet to do anything.. I'm willing to wait if I have too..I just don't want to be sitting on died eggs if they died and have them explode..

the incubator is at a steady 99.5 its a still air, and the humidity is around 50-60% but again.. nothing.. i'm worried that they died..

any advice would be great..
Wednesday the 6th should have been the hatch date. I would not panic yet though. I don't know how accurate your thermometer is or where in the still air incubator you took the temperature. The temperature will vary in them depending on where the thermometer is. Hot air rises and all that. Some thermometers are a lot more accurate than others. The normal recommendation is 101.5 degrees at the top of the eggs for a still air, so your temperature may be a bit low. Still not a big reason to panic. If the temperature is a bit low, they can be a few days late hatching. I've had the opposite happen. My incubator was a little warm and I found one pipping when I went to lockdown after 18 days.

When you say they were moving and such when you went into lockdown. Do you mean the eggs were rocking or just that the chick inside was moving when you candled? If it was the first I'd be concerned. If the second, just relax. The news may be bad, but it may not. In either case, I'd wait a couple of more days before I did anything drastic.
no they were moving when I candled not rocking..
k.. I guess I'll wait.. the temps been an average of 99.5 the whole time so maybe they are a little behind.. I also had it drop when my heating disk broke so I would say the average is probably around 96-99 degrees.. but the humidity has been constant up in the 50's -60's% range.. so i probably have very late hatchers I hope they hatch this weekend.. I get my new incubator on Monday.. so i'm happy about that..

i'm just soo stressed that nothing yet.. first batch by my self so i'm a worried grandma..LOL
well i had to check today, and they were dead.. one was shrink wrapped really bad, and died.. i'm soo upset.. stupid incubator.. my new one can't come soon enough.. this one is going to get burned..

my next babies are due to hatch around the 16th of oct.. I will put them in the new incubator and hope for the best.. candled them today and 2 had died and 3 were moving.. seems like this incubator has really bad humidity control.. HATE the Hova-bators.. ugh.
So Sorry.

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