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  1. here is the original post:

    This week she hast taken a turn for the worse guys. I am so bummed out. I dont know what to do with my Mary. She seemed to be getting better, gained weight, got a little color back, more energy. Now she is back to pale, lethargic, lost her weight gain, doesnt want to eat, huddles up. Could i not have had her on the cocci treatment (Albon) that the vet gave me for long enough? I only had enough for 7 days. I really dont think she is going to survive, and it is breaking my heart.

    Her poo is 90% CLEAR WATER, with a little bit of solid green in it. Mostly water. I am still getting scrambled eggs down her. only her appetite has dropped so much. She is still drinking water no problem.

    I started her on Corid yesterday in her water. THought maybe i didnt treat her long enough or for the right type of Cocci. Should I hit her with a strong antiboidic or something else????

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    I had a young rooster that acted similarly. Pale, lethargic, eating and drinking but just stood around puffed up and slept alot. I had bloodwork done on him and it turned out that he had literally no red blood cells, and his bone marrow wasn't making any more. He had a severe congenital bone marrow problem. He passed away.

    Sometimes the problem isn't curable. I had wormed him and treated him with antibiotics and didn't know what else to do. Turns out there WAS nothing I could do. [​IMG]
  3. yea, that is about the point I am at. I dont think there is much else that I can do for her. It just makes me so mad. I keep thinking that i can cure all. i hope that i can, but in the end sometimes death maybe the best way out for her. I dont want her to suffer, but i dont want to gibve up without a fight. Tears runnind down my face thinking about it. I just want to make sure I am doing everything that i can for her. Making sure I haven't left anything out. no base uncovered.

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    The only other thing I can think of is that since the fecal sample you took in was so small, and the vet couldn't really tell you what the problem was, MAYBE it's something that the meds you had her on won't kill?? Do you have anything more broad-spectrum or just plain different onhand? They're going to start calling me the penicillin queen - but it's my "go-to" resource when I'm out of options.
  5. I have Neomycin on hand, Corrid, Auromycin concentrate (chlortetracycline), and Sulmet. any suggestions? I have never had to use any of them except the Corid. Just always made sure the emergency kit was full. and Ivermec
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    Dee, I read your other post in your link you provided. Albon treats 2 types of cocci, fowl cholera, and coryza. Seven days treating with albon is enough, dont use it anymore.
    It is normal to have a few cocci on a microscopic slide, but when the slide is filled with the protozoa, the health of the chicken is in jeopardy. Corid treats all 9 types of cocci that chickens can get.
    Since you only saw a few cocci on the slide, green diarrhea could indicate a possible bacterial infection...ecoli. Like cocci, ecoli bacteria are in chickens as well. Good bacteria keeps it in check. It's when some type of stress (anything really) can send the ecoli out of control causing your Mary to get sick.
    Treatment for ecoli is probiotics, nutri drench, and baytril. Normally IF you catch it soon enough, the good bacteria will beat back the bad bacteria (ecoli.) You want to be aggressive treating ecoli; aureomycin will treat it, but baytril is more potent. Tube feeding with the probiotics (buttermilk or store bought probiotics for birds,) nutri drench and baytril mixed together as a slurry is recommended. You can also continue with the corid treatment as well, it wont hurt and you should see improvement in 3 days IF in fact it is a different type of cocci that the albon couldnt treat.
    I've dealt with ecoli, the end result wasnt good. I wish you the best.
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  7. i got some nutridrench down here this am. It seems like her wings were drooping a little as well. Can i treat her with the aurom. along side the corid? I just wont give up until she dies in my arms. I just cant. She likes the buttermilk and will drink it no issues. She is still drinking water great. I will order some baytril on line this am. We dont have it readily available. the only thing I dont have on hand. [​IMG] dummy me. I get it for others, but not myself. She did peck at the scratch this morning which is good, so she is still trying to survive. She is still able to get around ok, just verrryyyy slow and doesnt go far until she stops and huddles up. This will sound gross, but i had her in my lap feeding her and she of course pooped on me. It actually had some urates in it. clear water with white runny's. That is an improvement yes? My only thought though, this has been going on now and what ever we are battling for over 3 months. Is that possible with a sickness or bacteria/parasite????

    I got some Probios paste down her. Heck, they all took a stab at that stuff. really liked it. She drank heavily the water with the Auromycin in it. So that's a start. Her crop is squishy, so i know she is eating at least a little. It was empty this am. I have been checking that good to make sure it's not a crop issue.
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    I am a new egg here so take what I say with a grain of salt. I have a Muscovy Duck mix who after laying some 15 eggs was dragging herself across the yard, she could no stand up, and had lost weight. I read where this does happen to ducks. I learned that mixing oyster calcine with bananas, and giver her a dose for sick foul, 2 oz. to a cup of water of vitamins. I did this and with a few days she was up and walking around again just like her old self, eating and drinking freely, been a week or so since recover and she is doing great. Maybe this will give your poor hen a boost too.
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  10. thanks for your advice [​IMG]. It would be so nice if it was just that easy. cross myf fingers and hope it is.

    and welcome to our funny farm here.
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