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    My chickens have a respiratory infection. I've also noticed their feet are turning reddish. It's been cold here lately. I gave them Tylan 50 1/2cc for 5 days. They seem to be better but some of them are still sneezing. What should I do? [​IMG]

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    The feet look fine to me. Many chickens have some red pigment on their legs/feet that may become brighter red at certain times, such as when they're cold, hot, or excited.

    It is possible that their respiratory problem is caused by a virus, which can't be treated by the Tylan. They may have improved with the Tylan injections because the Tylan killed off another secondary infection, or their bodies simply began resisting the disease more. You could try a different antibiotic (though you'll need a vet prescription for many antibiotics now because of new rules), or let the disease run its course. Viral diseases may never completely go away, or may hide and appear in times of stress.
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    Most respiratory diseases can last a few weeks. Infectious bronchitis, the most common one caused by a virus, will cause sneezing for about a month. If you are seeing other respiratory symptoms, you may want to get testing, to find out if there are secondary infection, or what disease you are seeing. Many of my chickens depending on their breeds, will have reddish legs due to their fertility.
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