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  1. henryhoe

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    Aug 9, 2011
    My girls are 22 weeks now (4 rir's and 1 light sussex) and still no eggs!! They are not big eatters of layers pellets and the man i got them off told me not to give them anything else apart from the pellets and they will eat them. Ok they are eatting some of them! what do u guys think? Are they not laying yet cause they are not getting enough pellets into them? or should i keep feeding them kitchen scraps?? they all have lovely red combs and wattles, no squatting yet either!.[​IMG]

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    I'm a true believer of "They will lay when their bodies are ready for them too!" Just be patient. Their still young!! They will eat when their hungry. Keep giving them their laying pellets and kitchen scraps as a treat.
  3. greymane

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    Jun 2, 2011
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    I, too, am at a loss. I have six Red Stars and four RIRs, and I was getting eggs. We got four Aruacanas and introduced them. There were some issues and we moved them to another coop. Now...nothing. Not a single egg in two weeks. Any clues? We did change feed (and they seem to like it), but it was gradual and the egg issue was an abrupt stop.
  4. ParadiseChickens

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    Apr 19, 2011
    4 RIR's and 4 leghorn/RIR/Black Austrolorp that were born the first week of March. And 1 hen from each of those groups are laying and the others.....Nada. Those laying 2 laid for the first time last week. So I guess the others will lay when they get ready. It does take lots of patience and going to the coop many times a day to check for eggs LOL.

  5. henryhoe

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    Aug 9, 2011

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