Still Yellow, emaciated, and now crop won't empty, diarrhea is yellow too.


8 Years
Sep 11, 2011
My hen has been orange/yellow in color for quite some time. Her entire face and body is yellow. She has lost so much weight and is now emaciated. I thought she was going to die. Now all of a sudden, her crop will not empty. It is full of layer's crumbles and does not empty. It is mushy feeling. So now she is no longer eating or drinking. She can barely stand and shivers a lot. We fed her some vegetable oil and massaged her crop, but nothing has changed. She will not eat or drink on her own and resists taking water. I have lost one chicken to her intestines being plugged up (did a necropsy), so I'm worried that this could be again. But it's weird that her crop won't empty now because it did while she was still orange/yellow previously. She has changed to a diarrhea this is almost neon yellow and smells unusually foul. I'm not sure what I can do for her right now.
The crop not clearing could mean that her organs have shut down and that she's dying. Yellow skin, yellow poop, that says liver to me, but I'm no expert. You could try tube feeding some fluids to her.

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I also thought perhaps her organs are just shutting down, but I'm not positive. She has been yellow for quite some time, but was always passing food through until now. I suspect it is hopeless. It's been a long and slow process of her yellowing.
Update: she died and we did our own necropsy--impacted gizzard. No liver issues observed and no worms. The gizzard was hard and full of grass. So sad!

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