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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by katharinad, Nov 25, 2010.

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    We had another brutally cold night. Got the ducks out with -2 degrees, again. They wanted out of the small pen too. So Paul, my husband, let them out for a few minutes while I was collecting the eggs and he was setting up food and water for outside. First they walked, then they ran, and then they tried to fly. After that they simply plopped onto the ground pulling their feet up. You could really tell in their faces that they did not like the cold ground. I went out to round them back up and they got up and some where shaking their feet into the air with a miserable look onto their faces. The cold was stinging so badly on their feet that they did not wanted to walk. Poor little duckies. They gladly went back into the small pen where the ground is covered in hay. They are now laying in the hay enjoying the sun shining on them. They still have the option of going back into the heated duck house, but they choose to stay outside. At least they are comfortable now. I cannot let them out into the large daytime run, because it is not covered with hay, only a few spots and two a-frame shelters, and they are simply not smart enough. They will walk and drop where ever they are trying to keep their feet warm. Daytime high is supposed to be 32, but it will be a couple of hours before it reaches that temp. Tonight it is supposed to be 18 degrees. Way better then the 2 very cold nights we've just had. More snow is in the forecast, but that is good because the snow producing clouds will keep the heat down.

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    I have seen and can mentally picture the reaction to frozen or ice covered ground.[​IMG] I have even seen them lay on their bellies with feet extended behind them scooting along like little toboggans. Good that they are well insulated and so resilient. A happy Thanksgiving to you, Katharinad. Sourland George.

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