Stink eye and sexing....any link?

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    I am a new chicken owner....have 3 differently aged batches of chicks now. Oldest are about 5-6 weeks old have one definite roo and unless the other is a late bloomer, one pullet. The roo acted like one from the beginning. Gave me stink eye from week one!

    Next batch is supposed to be all pullets and so far I have no reason to think otherwise.....too early to tell with them. They are crazy running around and bashing into each other all the time anyways....

    Last batch is 2-3 week old cochins. A few very regularly give me stink eye. See below.




    The top picture, all the way to the left is my little tiny dude giving me stink he was a week or two ago.


    Does anyone have pullets that give stink eye? Or is this more a cockeral thing? The cochins were purchased as "pullets" from TSC....but they were also the last 6 chicks in the store and I personally think they got moved to the pullet bin as it was the one most people saw more easily.

    Anyone have any experience using the "stink eye" and related behaviors for sexing?

    [eta: I know it is not foolproof....just looking for anecdotal evidence [​IMG] ]
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    Like this stink eye, from my banty cochin (pullet), Tribble?


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