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Chickn chick 46

10 Years
May 22, 2009
My dog has needed a bath for a long time.
My kids have been begging me to wash the dog because she smells so bad. She has terrier of some kind in her because I always find her in a dirt hole in the backyard somewhere.

The reason why I don't bathe her very often is because her coat is almost un penetrable to water. She must have some sort of water dog in her so I use half a bottle of shampoo just to try and get her clean. Not to mention that she is a spaz when it comes to baths.

So I thought I'd offer this tip because I was really impressed with how it worked. Some may have heard of this but thought I'd share anyway.

I dumped 2 cups of powdered milk in the bath water and wet her down with the water in the tub. It cut through the oil and dirt and I was able to wash her and bubble her up good with three dollops of shampoo, and she smells really good and I'm sure feels much better


12 Years
Dec 16, 2008
Greenleaf, WI
Can that be modified for use with a hose outside, ya think? I can not, will not wash a 80lb bath-hating GSD in a tub in the house. We use a lot of shampoo also, and two people required, one for sudsing, one for wrangling.


ShowGirl Queen
12 Years
Jul 18, 2007
Northwestern, pa
i bath my min pin and pug cross in our tub. i use either baby shampoo or homemade goats milk soap bars. both work really good for them but my fav is the goatsmilk soap it doesn't leave them oily, smells wonderful for longer, helps with dry skin and dandraff, is all natural and it seams to be what works best for them. it usually helps kill the fleas too or stuns them so they can be picked off. i like that if it gets in their eyes accidently it is mild and doesn't hurt them either. i used to use dog shampoos, dish soap ect but i didn't like how all those worked and after reading a post here about some of those comercial ones killing animals i refuse to use any of them now just to be safe. i wonder if the milk does do something to help since ur useing powdered milk and mine is goats milk soap?

Chickn chick 46

10 Years
May 22, 2009
Thanks for moving this, wasn't sure where to put it

I don't know how it could be used with a hose other than maybe a kiddie pool and a bath tub mat that sticks to the bottom to keep from the dog from slipping. Other wise it would seem to be a huge waste of powdered milk.

I found this in a magazine months ago and stuck it on the fridge vowing one day to try it, even though I was skeptical.

It says "the milk's enzymes dissolve oil and dirt while neutralizing unpleasant odors, plus the powder's lactic acid softens fur and makes it extra silky" I've heard of people taking milk baths to soothe the skin
I've never tried it.

The goats milk soap probably has the same effect on dirt and oil.

My dog this morning is very soft and shiny and I was able to clean her butt fur so well that she's actually poofy back there

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