STINKY, Limping chickens with down tails?

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  1. One of my co-workers (different department) sent me an e-mail a few days ago about getting chickens. She bought four chickens that were hatched last summer. They are "asterLOPS" and buff "orringtons" as she calls them. [​IMG]

    One rooster and three hens. She said they smell terrible (even in a clean coop). The rooster has developed a limp and acts like his foot is sore. His tail is down. This has happened within two days of having them. She did mention that the guy she bought them from was a "hoarder" with too many birds in a barn that was full of feces and mud everywhere. I asked why she bought them anyway and she said she "felt sorry for the chickens."

    The hens are eating & drinking okay but not laying....they also smell funny.

    I should add that she's completely new to chickens. The coop is brand new and she uses pine shavings. They have a nice run (not covered) but don't really want to go out in the snow much.

    I suggested she bathe them, blow them dry and give them some CORID and Tylan....but I politely refused to go out and look at her birds. I have no idea what it could be and I don't want to bring whatever it is home to flock! [​IMG]

    So does anyone know what this might be?

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  3. Thanks--I told her about BYC too--so I'm hoping she'll join! I'll check out that website and FB her the info, thanks!
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    The foot limping sounds like bumblefoot. have her look at the underside of his foot. If it's swollen, and looks like there is a black "core" , then that's bumblefoot.


  5. Quote:Okay...I'll have her look. I sent her a link on her FB page but haven't heard back from her...I think she's at her son's basketball game tonight.


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