Stinky nasal discharge?

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    I noticed last night that my 7 month old RIR rooster had some shavings stuck to his nose, so obviously he has a snotty nose. This morning when I went out to further examine him, his nose had a big boogar on it [​IMG]. So I of coarse pulled it off. Instantly I could smell this odor, it was like pus. What the heck is going on? I do have another hen that has a runny nose with no odor. The mucus that is coming out of her nose is clear. His mucus wasn't clear. So what could it be? What do I treat it with? How long do I treat? Do I treat all of my chickens or just the ones that show signs? Or do I just cull them. Help I've never dealt with anything like this before. I can't afford to have this spread to my other 50 chickens, or the 50 new chicks that are being shipped to me next week and the 20 ducks that are hatching in the bator on Halloween. [​IMG]
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    You need to do a search on this forum for "Coryza". Smelly nasal discharge is a symptom of it.
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    If it is Coryza, it makes a recovered bird a carrier, able to infect others when under stress. Many treat it with antibiotics and many, like myself, have a cull policy-no bird with respiratory illness gets treated. It's up to each person to make their own policy about treating this type of illness.

    Treating respiratory illnesses in a flock weakens the overall health of your flock over time. Culling sick birds will keep your flock intact, if you can do it before it spreads to others.
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    So then how do I know for sure if it is Coryza? Just by going down a list of symptoms? Treating with antibiotics and getting no results?
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    Okay it's decision time. It's so hard, I just promised the lady I got him from that I wasn't going to kill him and eat him. Now look what happens. I feel guilty. I suppose we all live and learn.
  7. Can you tell us what the smell reminds you of ??
    Does the chicken weeze, gasp for breath, sound raspy or keep its mouth open continuously ??
    When the chiccke is roosting, get close to it and listen very carefully. Are the eyes watery and finally does the chicken just roost for the day ?? You really should isolate this one and give it electrolytes and vitamines. The decision to cull is unfortunately yours and yours alone to make. This is YOUR animal. I do think though, if the smell is like that of Coryza I would cull.
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    My birds have coryza, also. I keep them for eggs so that rules out gallimycin. What can I use that is safe for human egg consumption? Most of the web sites don't offer this option. I don't want to cull all 15 of my hens!

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