stinky silkie chick


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12 Years
Dec 2, 2007
My 4wk. old blue silkie has developed an odd odor. I'm not sure what it is. She's healthy and thriving, but her "sisters" in the brooder don't smell at all. Also, when she fluffs around in my lap on my apron, there's little black dandriff/debris left behind. I know she's to have black skin, but she shouldn't leave anything behind, and that smell...! I hope it's not mites or anything like that...again, she's the only one. Is this a silkie thing?!?
Did she have (when hatched) an unabsorbed yolksac? I ask because omphalitis (bacterial disease associated with yolksac infections) is the most common cause of putrid odor... however this commonly affects birds a bit younger and they are visibly ill so seeing as how you state that the bird seems in excellent health... hmmmm perhaps >
...this gives a yeasty smell and progresses slowly...
Thank you both for your replies and your links. Ground pepper is exactly what it looks like. I searched her all over, especially her crest/neck and vent areas and can't find a mite...I'm assuming they look similar to a flea. It's got to be that though. They're all getting that medicated bath:) I'm sure it can't hurt her smell either. If anyone has a good description of what the mites look like, that would help too. In the meantime, into the tub they go!
p.s. had no idea mites liked silkies!
I'm here to help... and be helped lol.

I have 4 silkies coming to my feed store on the 7th, they said they will special order them for me. I'm very excited.
How exciting Texas Star! What colors are your silkies you have coming?

It's obviously our first time with a silkie...and has she filled out fast! A month old and she has feathers EVERYWHERE!! She is much larger than
our couchin and polish chicks. ( Sure hope she's a girl...!?! ) I'd like to post a picture if my husband can help me figure out how

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