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    Sep 21, 2013
    Two of our 5 ladies have laid and yesterday 2 more were hot to lay in the morning. I guess one needed her privacy and found a nesting spot under some ground cover. I had earlier in the morning found an egg in a bush that I thought was her first. When she laid, obviously it was not hers since it was a different size and shape. I put it and two other fresh eggs in sink in the water and it immediately floated. My son wanted me to crack it open to see what the yolk looked like, and the egg exploded with a loud pop noise and grey liquid shot out of the egg. It was the most God awful smell ever. Worse then a skunk, and worse then the sulfur rotten egg smell you can buy in a bottle. It quickly overwhelmed the kitchen.

    So, be careful of cracking open suspect eggs indoors. You could get a very stinky surprise.
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    Beware of the rotten eggs. Way long ago as a young boy with mischief on his mind, I would save non viable eggs from the incubator. Come Halloween I was the most feared kid in town. [​IMG]
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    The same here but my weapons of choice were rejects from the candler grading machine. They just had to 'mature' a bit longer.

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