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  1. bockbock2008

    bockbock2008 Why do they call me crazy??

    Dec 30, 2008
    Southwest Indiana
    I don't think it has been posted here yet but one of our members had several animals stolen last night. If you are in this area and know anything, please let me know.

    1 Emu 5 1/2 feet tall
    10 Ameraucana pullets
    15 Black Broilers
    1 Opal peacock
    They tried to steal one of the dogs to but he got away.
    Please be on the look out for our animals
  2. bockbock2008

    bockbock2008 Why do they call me crazy??

    Dec 30, 2008
    Southwest Indiana
    The emu was found in a back pasture dead. She said it looked as if it had been field dressed and the Sherrif was looking at it.
  3. redhen

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    May 19, 2008
    Western MA
  4. mississippifarmboy

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    Dang... I hope they catch the thieves. no... actually I hope they SHOOT them. [​IMG] I can't stand a thief.

    I can't believe anyone would steal an emu though, sorta can see someone killing one if they needed the food. Around here they are free everywhere.

    I'll let all my friends know that deal in animals in case they were stolen to sell.
  5. RHRanch

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    OMG That's terrible.... So maybe they stole the chickens to eat, since they killed the emu... But are they going to also eat the peacock? And the dog, why steal the dog? To sell it? Scary.
  6. LissyB

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  7. MuckyPuppy

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    Jun 11, 2011
    That is horrible. [​IMG]
  8. LaPetiteFarmer

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    Feb 9, 2012
    Vista, CA
    I am so sorry! It's horrible! Any news since?
  9. I'm so sorry to hear about the Emu and the theft... I know how you feel, I recently got one of my Pekin chickens stolen, the thief climbed the fence on a neighbor's boat. We found a few feathers on a tree, probably how they got out... My mom said that they probably sold him in the city because his breed isn't common here. It was a storm and blackout so we couldn't know what happened until morning. But since then we put barbed wire on the fence facing the beach.
  10. chickenzoo

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    How horrible.....I couldn't imagine finding one of my emu that way...... Hope they rot in hock sticks.

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