Stolen black swan, be on the lookout - Oregon/West Coast

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  1. Stolen black swan, be on the lookout - Oregon/West Coast

    Cutting and pasting from Facebook. This is from Enchanted Farm Sanctuary in Oregon.

    "I’m devastated to share that last night, just after 2:00am someone came onto my property & took Belladonna Winterspell!!! I was woken up by the dogs barking & donkeys braying & heard Belladonna honking as well. All the animals were frantic. I rushed outside just in time to catch a brief glimpse of a sedan of some sort peeling out of the driveway. My entrance gate is quite a distance from the house & I couldn’t see much. So I ran down to the gate... and that’s where I found a clump of feathers. I was in a panic searching for Bella until it hit me.. She was gone. I’m in shock. I didn’t even realize until speaking with several people today how “valuable” Black Swans are because I don’t think of animals in monetary terms like that. They apparently sell for thousands of dollars. So I can only assume that’s why someone took her. I know most of you are not from this area so I doubt this post will help much but I just don’t know what else to do... Aside, of course from filing a police report & spreading the word in case someone sees her for sale or knows where she is. If you have ANY information at all about Belladonna PLEASE contact me I just want her home!!! PLEASE!!!! #help#enchantedfarmsanctuary #blackswan Newberg, Oregon"
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    A shorter version came across my facebook. I had no idea they actually saw the unfortunate incident on accident. I also didn't know black swans are THAT valuable. How terrible that people just steal people's animals like that. It is probably a long shot, but I do hope the perpetrator(s) is caught and that poor bird gets to go home.
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    Im so sorry. That sucks

    In Florida, we can get them for 300 a piece. We wanted them but wing clippings are needed to keep them home or caged. Hotels love them as ornaments then get upset because between 3-5 yrs they leave. Time for camera and a driveway alarm.
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    That is too unfortunate. I have a friend that raises them...they go from $400 to $800 for juvenile birds and a 3 year old breeding pair from $1600 to $2000
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    I'm in the Olympia area. I'll keep an eye out on Craigslist and Facebook. So sorry. People are jerks.

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