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    Jun 17, 2011
    I am absolutely devastated over the theft of my two pet chickens , tikka and Masala . I secured them in for the night on Friday and on going to let them out Saturday morning someone had removed the gate and opened all the locks on their coop. I searched everywhere for them. I even went to the local poultry show on the hopes that if some sad person had stolen them to sell I was even prepared to buy the girls back. I just cannot believe anyone would do this , and I have been so worried about them as they are completely tame , following me everywhere when Im on the yard. I had lost 3 others to a virus and I have spent alot of money trying to save them. Finally we had come out of the other side with two beautiful healthy hens with wonderful personalities. I am so upset and just want who took them and if they are safe and not frightened. :(

  2. Sorry to hear that. I hope you are able to locate them. They may well be in someones pen close-by.

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