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    Jun 4, 2011
    I haven't seen an update on this since the help requests. This was in my local paper so I thought everyone might be interested.

    Very ingenious way of finding the missing horses [​IMG]

    MAGNOLIA, Ark. (AP) — Four of five horses stolen from Southern Arkansas University have been recovered in Oklahoma, thanks to help from a horse that was familiar with one of the missing animals.

    McCurtain County, Okla., Sheriff Johnny Tadlock said he had an idea where the horses might be because the stolen trailer had been found in the county shortly after the horses were last seen on Nov. 2.

    The horses are owned by students in SAU's rodeo program, and rodeo coach Rusty Hayes and a student on Tuesday brought up a horse that was acquainted with one of the stolen horses.

    "We stayed there several hours, and after dark (the) horse started nickering," Tadlock said. "In the distance we heard another horse start nickering back."

    They followed the sound and found the four horses in a wooded area. Their reins were tied to pine trees.

    The sheriff said no arrests have been made, but charges are being developed.

    "We are moving forward, Obviously we have cruelty to animals over here and knowingly concealing stolen property," Tadlock said.

    A student who owns one of the horses, Ty Lester, says the animals hadn't been fed or watered for several days. One horse that is allergic to hay developed complications and had to be sent to a Shreveport, La., veterinarian.

    "That one isn't doing as well as we'd like," Lester said told the Banner-News in Magnolia.

    The other three horses are being evaluated locally.

    Lester said his own horse, a 7-year old gray American quarter horse, had been spray painted camouflage and was so thin "you could see every rib and bone."

    DJ Dickinson, a rodeo team member and owner of one of the stolen horses, said he was relieved to have his horse back but remained concerned about the horse's condition.

    "It depends on what your definition of 'bad' is. I was heartbroken when I saw them," Dickinson said. "I would rather have had my horse running loose through the woods than tied up to a pine tree."

    SAU Police Chief Eric Plummer said three of horses remain at SAU's Mulerider Stables, but stressed that the search for the fifth horse, a 15-year-old sorrel-colored gelding named Credit Card, is continuing.

    Credit Card has a rocking 'V' brand on its left front quarter and a 'K' brand on its right hindquarter, he said.

    "We don't want to release too much detail at this time, but there is evidence that they were moved around several times," Plummer said.

    If there are arrests, Plummer said the suspects could be prosecuted federally or by the states.

    "It's great that these kids have their horses back, but this case is long from over," he said.

    SAU President Dr. David Rankin said Tuesday that the school is looking for ways to improve security and surveillance at the stables.

    Students told police a dark-colored Ford truck was seen leaving the stables sometime between 10:30 p.m., Nov. 2, and 6:30 a.m., Nov. 3, with the trailer. Plummer has said authorities believe the horses were taken after midnight as the stables were occupied until that time by students preparing for the university's collegiate rodeo, which was held Nov. 3. The stolen horses were scheduled to compete in that event.
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    How sad... how someone could be so cruel. I'm glad they found them... hope they can find the other in better condition.

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