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    Apr 6, 2015
    Sorry guys more of a rant than anything. I was thumbing through eBay hatching eggs (because that's what I do for fun lol) and noticed a listing for 'Rare English Lavender Orpington' the problem was the 1 picture that was provided was an American type. I don't know why but I did a google image search on the image and sure enough, I found it. The image belongs to a farm literally all the way across the country from where the eggs are listed. I sent the owners of the image an email and hopefully they will be able to do something about the listing. We've had this happen to us before and it just irks me to watch people do this. I guarantee you, when people do this, it's because they know their birds are no where close to what the picture shows.

    Funny thing is at first I felt bad for the person that made the listing because I thought 'OH someone sold them Americans an they think they have English. That was until I realized not only did they steal a picture from someone else. It's not even the type of bird they are advertising.
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    [​IMG] idiots!

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