Stolen Rooster, Egg Laying down


9 Years
Oct 16, 2010
So we have a mix of 11 hens and one rooster. Recently our rooster was stolen (yes we do think it was actually taken) Since then, our hens are laying half of what they used to. Is this due to the rooster being gone? Will egg production go back up? Anything we can do?

well, if your predator was a person, they could have scared the hens enough to put them off laying for a bit. Any change in enviroment can reduce laying in some flocks.
I would probably be looking for a new roo. If you dont need a roo, dont get one, the hens will re-establish the pecking order soon enough. Maybe give them some elctrolite solution in the water, or organic apple cider vinegar, to help them feel better.

Best of luck, hope those eggs start coming soon!

This gave me the willies! Our very first rooster disappeared one day, and while we never found out for sure, we thought it was a predator (of the winged or 4 legged kind - not a person! ACK!). I still think of him, 6 years later. So my heart goes out to you for your loss, first and foremost.

As I recall, our hens (at the time we had 4) were beside themselves for days. Really - they seemed to be "lost" and also acted a little skittish. After about a week they were over it, and I distinctly remember saying that I could (should) take a lesson from them, and their bravery and just moving on after the loss. So in your case, maybe they are experiencing the loss and temporarily not laying for that reason. As you know, hens don't "need" a rooster to lay, so I suspect things should be back to "normal" shorty.

I sure do hope so

Take care,
I agree, the stress is the problem with laying. Trouble is, it could also work with the shorter days and cooler weather to also decrease egg production. We won't even talk about how old they are and how close to going into a moult....

So sorry for your loss.
Maybe they (thief) didn't want their eggs fertile?
You would think it would be hard to imagine someone stealing a rooster so that the eggs they planed to steal later would not be fertile.
It is sad that now a days it's not.

I hope they start laying again for you soon.
Thanks all for your thoughts and ideas! These are brand new chickens this year. Laying has gone up a bit... but not what it was so that is still concerning. We now have the heat light on at night as it is getting cold and I know that will affect things as well. But all have seemed to settled down.

Thanks again!

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