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9 Years
Feb 17, 2010
Rural King got their baby chicks in...oh my. They're so cute. Straight run 99 cents each and they apparently aren't doing a minimum anymore! I've already got 12 3 week old chicks (plus 15 meat guys!) I have no more room and my coop isn't even built yet. RESIST! MUST RESIST!
Resistance is futile! Besides, what's a couple more? No one will notice. They don't take up much space anyhow...........Oh wait, did you want me to talk you OUT of it??? Sorry!
My favorite feed store gets its chicks on Thursday; today is the third delivery. I went this past weekend "just to check" for Welsummers, and they were already out of that breed. I almost filled my pockets with ducklings.... but I resisted because I really want a Welsummer. Just ONE, okay???

But if the feed store says they have Welsummers in today, I don't know what else I'll pick up when I rush there to add a Welsummer to my flock (eventually).
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I'll be the voice of reason here. Mixing chicks of different ages is a pain. You need to get your 3-weekers squared away and get a coop built before thinking about other chicks. Besides, you KNOW you'll want more next year, so wait until then.

Did that help?
Ok, I'll try to talk ya outta it!........First, crowded chickens are unhappy chickens! So build your coop TWICE as big as you wanted it in the first place....BECAUSE YOU WILL WANT MORE MORE MORE! LOL

Secondly, as another person mentioned...mixing ages can be very tramatic for the'll feel just terrible when you see the younger ones getting beaten up by the older ones........

It's time to admit the truth.......say it with me.......My name is Katie and I am a chick-a-holic!

Can't help you... I was told I could only get 5, so I ordered 30... and then promised that I wouldn't keep the "oops" order, but now those 16 are staying too!
I've got an update: my feed store HAS Welsummers!!! Woot woot! So, that will be my trip tomorrow, taking off early from work (not going tonight, gotta set up the brooder), to pick up two Welsummer chicks, a Barred Rock, a Rhode Island Red, and two ducklings. Thinking of Cayugas.

Plus a second heat lamp, just in case, and anything else the fuzzbutts will need that I don't already have.

Anybody gonna try to stop me? Hmmmmm? Hmmmmmm???

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