Stopped eating, drinking and preferred darkness

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    Jul 31, 2010
    I've just lost two of my girls to something; don't know. They appeared healthy as in no obvious problems. Clean butts, healthy feathers, no discharges. They didn't want to eat or drink though. I brought one in and she would take water from my fingers if I held them to her mouth and take yogurt. But the next day she would turn her head away. Eventually she passed. She also sought the dark. Dark corners in the hen house, etc. So I kept her in the dark in a box with access to water and food on some straw and she passed within 72 hours. The second hen, two days ago out ranging with the rest, walked very slowly, her tail feathers downward, not interested in food and found her dead today in a dark corner in the hen house. The combs became anemic looking as did their cheeks, but think it was dehydration and starvation. It's a mystery. The only thing I can think of is that they may have consumed some Styrofoam insulation - that's just a hypothesis. Anyone have any ideas? I think the big indicator is "seeking the dark." When would they do that? [​IMG]
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    How old were your girls? Were they of laying age?
    Is it possible they had worms or some kind of lice/mites?
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