Stopped laying, now limping


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Sep 13, 2014
Hi-my bantam barred rock is 4 1/2 mos old and has been laying daily for 2 weeks. She has not produced an egg in 3 days and is limping. I was worried about egg bound, but she's not walking like a penguin. She's been on the nest often but still comes out to walk around a bit. I'm finishing up my bag of starter and havne't supplemented calcium other than her crushed up shells. (I have 4 other birds that haven't started laying yet.)

When standing, she holds up one of her feet- maybe she fell and I didn't see it? If she's in pain from a leg injury, will she stop laying? Or could it be an egg bound problem and the limp is from that? Her eggs have been perfect- great shells and shaped correctly.

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Aug 4, 2014
I she has just started laying she might be taking a break; you can start mixing in layer feed to supplement calcium into her diet. You can check to see if she is egg bound if you feel depth of abdomen. Its between the end of the breast bone to the pubic bone. Feel that that area lightly and if she does have an egg you will feel something hard.

Some chickens stand on one foot. See if one of her hips or legs are larger than the other. This could determine if she has a hip or foot problem. If the pain is large enough she would most likely stop laying. Let her foot be she most likely is using the energy from laying eggs to help repair her hip.
Hope she gets better.

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