stopping rain from coming in the back chicken door???

Chad the Chicken Man

10 Years
Jul 22, 2009
Belleville, WI
Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone has any pictures of the back chicken doors? Mine slids up and down, but my question is does anyone have a little roof or something over there door to keep the rain out? i hate to keep the chickens locked up when im at work if theres a chance of rain. and i also hate leaving the chicken door open because of rain getting the bedding wet. so i was just wondering if someone had a fix for my situation.
Unless the door is rather large and the coop is quite small, the amount of rain that comes in is generally pretty inconsequential. But if you feel it's a problem, just build a little "porch roof" over it and there ya go. Or you can hang a strip curtain or something like that (easier to build, but usually requires training of chickens over a period of days/weeks, and won't keep rain out quite as well as a little roof)

Good luck, have fun,

I have a large enough roof overhang that it protects the pop door and windows from most rain. You can add a little entryway roof over it, if you want to. You can also roof the run next to the coop. Something solid there can give them a place to hang out on days when it's raining heavily. It cuts down on the mud in early spring. It also keeps the snow from blocking the door in the winter. Otherwise, you have to shovel them out.

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