Store bought feed or Homemade feed?

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    Dec 27, 2014
    We've been using store bought feed, Nutrena Layer pellets (green bags). Our egg production is, "Meh."

    Reading over the holidays and I started giving them some whole oats and corn--a cup a day. I have 22 hens and 2 ducks.

    13 eggs a day, WHOA!!!!

    I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

    And then we'll move onto the automatic coop doors! :)
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    I suppose whatever is best for you and your budget is best.

    Egg production is ovulation so I am not sure - so long as the birds are fed and watered light etc, they will still ovulate and type of feed is not going to matter that much but if anyone else has any other data, I would be open to reading it on the feed thread.

    Glad to have you join us
  3. Generally egg production is going to be optimal with a balanced diet be it commercial or home made...

    The fact that you all the sudden got more eggs when you gave them oats/corn is likely coincidence, or at least not related directly to the slight change in their diet, IMO...

    IMO, it's more trouble then it's worth to make your own 'balanced' feed... Yeah a lot of people make their own feed, but I'm willing to bet for most, if they sent it out for lab analysis they would find it's not as balanced as a commercial feed is... There has been a ton of research over the years, we know full well what chickens need to be productive and almost all big commercial feeds meet those requirements...

    Don't take that the wrong way though, people have their reasons to make their own feed (usually because they want to control ingredients), and if you crunch the numbers you can very well make a balanced feed at home, I just don't find it practical myself...

    What I find more practical is to offer them a stable of commercial feed 24/7 and then provide a varied daily treat to give variety and fill in any potential nutritional trace gaps...

    I have said it in a few other post, I negotiated deals with a few local grocery stores, so every day I get a decent amount 'day old' produce, bread and sometimes dairy products... So in addition to the commercial feed my birds get an ever changing rotation of 'fresh' food and personally I feel the varied diet is superior to any all in one package...
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    Welcome to BYC. I'm glad you decided to join our flock. I don't think that the sudden increase in egg production was a result of your change in feed, but a case of ovulation cycles. In the long run, I think your hens' health will suffer with a heavy diet of corn and whole oats as it will not meet all of their nutritional needs. Commercial laying feed is specially formulated to meet these nutritional needs. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. We are here to help in any way we can. Good luck with your flock.
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    Welcome to BYC!!! The members here are great and so are their chickens;)!!! This is the BEST CHICKEN KEEPING FORUM ON EARTH!!!!

    Hope you have fun and if you need anything we are here to help!!

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    I personally think you should not make your own feed. It would be so hard to get all the nutrients the hens need include in there.
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