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    Oct 8, 2016
    I have a flock of 37 hens and 2 roosters I've been kind of Leary about feeding them raw meat after I hunt and clean what I kill always fresh never rancid...yesterday I bagged some squirrels and after washing it and picking all the hairs leftover off of it I had some pieces left over and I thought going to give it a try and boy did they love it was an amazing site to see reminded me of a school of piranha just devouring the left overs chickens running from every direction just to get in on the action !!! Anyone else have some good stories on feeding their flock? If so please share
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    I remember how horrified I was when my girls found some young mice. One of them has taken on young snakes and won.
    We had this pig of a rooster. His name was Fowler, and boy could that dude eat! If he was hungry and you were filling up the feeder, he wouldn't eat unless you hand feed him. I wouldn't unless i had gloves on, because he would "speed-peck" (bambambam) three times, and take 10 seconds to swallow [​IMG] It was like he thought he would never eat anything again!
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    My chicks are 8 weeks old and i'm constantly trying new things with them. when ever i put anything new in with them they freak out and stand in the corner, as if its a monster [​IMG] . It's not exactly feeding them but i had put two whole pumpkins outside so they last longer, one rolled past them and oh boy! They went crazy, who knew pumpkins were a natural predator of chickens![​IMG]
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    :gigJust picture an animation of the pumpkin predator!!! May just have to demand that my husband take on the project!

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