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Apr 12, 2012
Averill Park, NY
I just got some roosters back from the processor and I forgot to ask them to be shrink wrapped. What's the best way to freeze them to avoid freezer burn?

I would also love some ideas for crock pot recipes for these tough roosters...
I think there are heat shrink bags. I use a vacuum sealer.
How long has it been since butcher? I let them rest 3 or 4 days before eating or freezing.
How old were the roosters? If under say 25 weeks, you don't necessarily have to crock pot them. But low heat and slow cooking are still important. I usually go with 200 degrees for 4 or 5 hours or until the leg meat is falling off the bond with the breast down in the broth.
Does anyone can birds?
Yes, there are people who can birds. Some cut meat into chunks or pieces, put into a jar with salt, and process in the pressure cooker, while others cook the chicken, then put it into jars and process in the pressure cooker.

I haven't personally canned poultry, but I have canned chunks of pork loin.

If you have a pressure cooker, the instruction book tells you how to do it.
I can chicken, it's not hard but you need a pressure canner. The ball blue book has instructions for canning. It just takes some time, with the prep work and long processing time. I like raw pack best, but have done some hot pack and it's still edible.

My favorite way to cook older birds is the pressure cooker. To me, it beats the crockpot for texture, and it's so much faster. 40 minutes and I've got a cooked bird.
I can my chickens all of the time, specifically the roosters.. My favorite method is to put them in the crockpot for 2 days, adding garlic, salt, onions, and celery. Then after all the meat has melted off of the bones, I'll can the stock up seperately (makes great mashed potatoes, rice mix, or soup stock) and then I can the shredded meat up. It is already shredded, so makes an easy meal, and a million times better then the canned chicken you get at the store! Perfect for enchiladas, tacos, or just add some mayo and instant chicken salad!
Loved the shrink bags. We did birds this fall. My friend did vacuum packing on a lot, but then we shrink bagged a bunch, and I think she was regretting the vac packing as the shrink bags were faster and easier.

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