Storing fertile eggs until I'm ready to incubate

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by grnidone, Dec 6, 2016.

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    1. OK. I think I'm to put the pointy end down in a clean egg container in a place that is less than 60 degrees. Is this correct?

    2. I'm assuming these eggs are fertile: I have a rooster with my hens, and I've seen them do it, but I'm wondering if they still "do it" when it is cold. No idea. I can't remember when I last saw them "do it."

    3. How do you rotate eggs when they have to always be pointy end down? Do I just pick them up, gently turn them over and place them back with the pointy end down?

    4. Can you recommend a DIY incubator from a beer cooler. I've found quite a few on youtube, and they seem very simple: beer cooler, light bulb, humidity/ temperature sensor thing, picture glass, turkey pan to hold the water with a net type thing on top to hold the eggs on their sides. If you want to get fancy, a slider thing for the light bulb to dim it.

    What do you recommend?
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    When I'm storing eggs for incubation, I put them in a clean egg carton, in a cool room, and prop one end on a kleenex box or stack of books. Whenever I think about it, I turn the carton so that the other end is up.

    Not sure it makes too much of a difference, but it doesn't hurt.

    On making the incubator, I'll let others explain more - but from what I've read, you want to get a really good thermostat to control the temperature. I've read too many horror stories of eggs getting too hot and losing the hatch. (So I just bought a good incubator, instead. [​IMG] )
    There are some great DIY threads on here, just do a search and the threads should pop up.

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