Story based on Friends and Enemies ( Wolf RP)

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    Hello everyone!

    I am making a book, and thought you guys would like to see and help me. I will need to turn it in to an editor, and I want as much help on editing as I can! As I give each chapter, please correct places in any color, as long as it is not black. Thanks for all help!

    And, by the way, if you want to know about the wolf RP, PM me!
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    Thanks, let me copy the first chapter. Just a warning: I haven't proof read it yet. I am to busy :D
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    Night padded out of his den. The dew sparkled on the snow, as the sun started to rise. He yawned and stretched out, flexing his sharp claws. His mate, Flower was already on the smooth rock ledge outside their den. Night gave her ear a lick and Flower rested her muzzle on his shoulder. Night looked at Flower with affection. I would never choose another wolf over her. She is loyal, brave, and just all I want. He stared at the Pack Mates den. He could just see the black fur of nervous Jay. Night sighed. Jay always is so nervous. I wonder what is wrong. I wish I could help. Night had try to talk to Jay, but Jay always said something like “ Oh, I forgot, I left a rabbit at the bottom of the mountain.” Or “ I am so tired, can we talk later?”

    Night nuzzled Flower. “ Are you cold?” He asked in a calm, soothing low voice.
    Flower sighed. “ I’m fine.” She said in her soft, higher voice. She licked his muzzle and bounded down from the den. Night followed her, making an excellent leap down to the ground. His paws lightly touched the ground, and he barely felt the rock under his feet. He pads were tough, just like all Sky Pack wolves. Sky Pack was known for excellent running and jumping. Some said they knew to run so fast so they could flee. Well, they are wrong about that! Night thought. We fight as excellent as any pack- and wolf. Then he froze. He thought about Fang, and how Fang could fight five powerful and strong
    wolves alone, and win. Fang had no mercy, Night knew that well. He shivered and kept walking.

    Flower walked to the Pack Mates den and softly poked Jay. Jay jumped up, and his eyes darted around. “ What? What’s happening?” He said in a frightened voice.
    “ Nothing, Jay.” Flower soothed. “ Just a hunting patrol.” Night rolled his eyes. Jay was a little terrified.. Ha. He was really terrified.
    Jay sighed. “ I want to hunt alone.”
    Feather looked offended. “ Well.... okay, I guess...”
    Jay gave a quick nod and sprinted into the trees.

    Caroline padded out of the den, and Night could see love in her eyes as Jay walked away. Night was shocked. Caroline loves Jay??? Why would she like him? Night looked confused but Caroline was staring at him now so he quickly looked up. “ Sorry?”
    Caroline sighed. “ I said, Night, do you want me to go on a hunting patrol?” Night nodded. “ Okay, come with us.” Flower nodded and they started out of the camp. Snow covered the Sky Pack’s territory, and a few evergreen shrubs and trees still were green in the snow. Night looked at the few snowflakes still falling. Sky Pack lived on a mountain, and Sky Pack’s camp was on top of the mountain, in overhangs. Sky Pack wolves were used to the cold, so they were cold hardy.

    Flower bounded down the mountain, and Night followed her. Caroline was a little farther behind, looking to her right. Night saw her look over and gave a sharp bark to Flower.
    “ Stop!” He skidded to a halt. Flower stopped farther ahead, and came back up to him.
    “ What?” She asked.
    “ I don’t know, Caroline spotted something.” Night looked to his right and snorted. Caroline had spotted Jay! Night looked at Jay as he sprung into a tree, catching a woodpecker. He killed it with a swift bite, then looked up and saw Flower, Night, and Caroline watching him. Jay took off with his woodpecker, and Caroline looked at Night and Flower with pleading eyes. Night sighed. “ Go on then Caroline.” Caroline sprinted off after Jay. Then Night turned around, about to speak to Flower, when he heard a loud yowl of pain and fear. Night’s eyes flashed with fear. Fang has attacked a patrol again!

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