Story game; "You are my love"

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    Feb 9, 2012
    This game is kinda diff. I made it up and hope it's fun! Here are the characters:

    Chase (24) friend of Skyler and Tyson's big bro
    Skyler (24) friend of Chase and Jordan's big sis
    Jordan (19) friend of Tyson and Skyler's little sis
    Tyson (19) friend of Jordan and Chase's little bro

    Let's try to make a realistic story. (non-fiction)

    You can make up to 5 lines per turn.
    You have to take a picture of someone (friends/family) that fits somewhere in the lines you typed.

    I'll start.

    Chase and Skyler met one day at a cafe. They instantly knew they loved each other, but were keeping it a secreat. He asked her out and they went to the movies. During the movie, she got tired and put her head on his shoulder, then he knew for sure he was in love.


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