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  1. On this thread, we play a game where each of us adds on to the story everyone else has written. for example:

    Person 1: the chicken jumped off the roost and ate food.
    Person 2: the other chicken pecked her.
    Person 3: she pecked the other chicken back.

    This is not an RP. You can use any charecter at any time.

    Keep it PG at the very most.

    Keep it somewhat realistic--although in the story chickens can talk amongst each other, they do not live in a fantasy world, so they do not use magic, talk to humans, ect.

    If you are going to do anything major--New charecter, going broody, charecter dying, feel free to do so, but PM me first.

    Big-person, the chicken's owner.
    Little-person, the kid across the street.
    Origanal chickens
    Easter: a Bouncy, optimistic light sussex.
    Indigo: a quiet, gentle, motherly speckled sussex
    Lollipop: a friendly, hyper, orpington.
    Jujube: a bubbly, talkitive, gold-laced wyandotte.
    New chickens
    Pumpkin: a mixed breed hen
    Elliot: an RIR rooster
    Mabel: a partrige plymoth rock hen, who so shy she will only talk to Pumpkin and a few others.
    Tiara-tutu: a Zesty, friendly, talkative silkie
    Tiger: a orange-and-black Serama cockeral, who is a pest, especailly to Elliot.

    PM me with new charecters (human or chicken, either gender) , and I will put them on here. There are 7 spots left for new chickens in the new flock.

    Lollipop was dancing around the coop happily. Jujube was excited, Easter was excited, Indigo was nervous but excited. Today was the day the new chickens came out of quarintine. Thirty days before, TallLady had rescued a bunch of abandoned chickens, and now they were ready to join the rest of the flock!
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    Just posting so i can type later
  3. In the quarintine coop, all the chickens were a nervous wreck except Elliot, who as a rooster, would be at the top of the pecking order.
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    Pumpkin entered the coop excited but scared. Where she was before, she was one of the top chickens in the pecking order, below pickle the hen and Walnut the rooster.
  5. But Pickle and Walnut had gone to different people when they were rescued from the coop when they were abandoned (or are they going to be more charecters?) and here, she really didn't know.
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    (Yea they have gone to different people)
  7. After all 12 new chickens were put in the coop with the old ones, there was seavral moments of akward silence. Then Elliot stepped forward and said "hello, My name is Elliot, and I am the new rooster These are my hens, and this is my second hen Pumpkin." Jujube then said "Hi, I'm Jujube, the head hen, this is my second hen Lollipop, this is Easter, and this is Indigo."
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    "Hi I am Pumpkin!" Pumkin said
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    Jujube eyed Pumpkin. Would Elliot expect Pumpkin to be his second hen here as well? How would things change for her and the older girls?
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    Pumpkin decided to eat some mealworms from big person

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