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  1. On this thread, we continue the story the previous people have written

    This is not an RP. You can use any charecter at any time.

    Keep it PG at the very most.

    Keep it somewhat realistic--although in the story chickens can talk amongst each other, they do not live in a fantasy world, so they do not use magic, talk to humans, ect.

    If you are going to do anything major--New charecter, going broody, charecter dying, feel free to do so, but PM me first.

    [please PM me if you want a new charecter made, and I will add it.]

    Mabel: a shy Partrige plymouth rock
    Zebra: an outgoing barred plymouth rock

    Two dozen abandoned chickens are adopted by four friends, all who live in the same neighborhood, and all of whom are first time chicken keepers. At the start of the story, the chickens are in a pen in one nieghbor's yard, waiting to see who is going to what house. The four Families are the Olivers, the Gordons, the Timothys, and the Hatlands, and they are each going to adopt six birds.

    I'll start:

    Rumors were flying around the coop--"I heard the Timothys want good layers, so it's doutful I'll go there" " I wonder which rooster the Olivers will choose" Mabel knew one thing: wherever she went, she wanted Zebra, who was her longtime best friend, with her. She wanted nothing else, she didn't care who else was there, she just hoped for Zebra to be there. She had no idea what she would do if Zebra was put at a different house. Zebra, on the other hand, did want to be with Mabel, but she more wanted to be with a rooster. There were several roosters, and nobody knew who would go to which family yet, and if there was a family that would not get a rooster.
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  3. The moment was soon to come: the four families walked toward the pen, discussing the nuances of this breed versus that one, what breeds wouldn't go broody, what color of eggs the breeds would lay, etc.
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    Mabel was sure of one thing: she was not going to be separated from Zebra, and that was that. She made it clear to the humans by never leaving Zebra's side, and finally the day came when the humans said that they wouldn't split up the two. Mabel was so happy!!!!
  5. "I think" said Mrs. Oliver, as the families chose thier chickens "that I'll take a barred rock." she looked at Zebra and plucked her out of the pen. Mabel moaned in distress. "I think I'll also take the one that was next to her, isn't that another rock?" Mrs. Oliver said, and lifted Mabel out. Mabel gave a sigh of relief, and huddled by Zebra as the four families picked out thier roosters, decided what other hens they would have, ect.
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    Mabel's heart was racing! To think that she'd almost been separated from Zebra! But all was well. The Oliver's were nice, they had plenty of room..nothing could go wrong! Or could it?
  7. Plenty, in fact, could go wrong, but Mabel decided to remain optimistic.
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    Zebra had immediately charmed the Oliver's with her signature egg, so Mabel was feeling a little behind. And the roosters liked the barred rock. She had everything. The other hens were almost as shy as Mabel, so not a lot of talking happened that first day except for between Zebra and the roosters.
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    The Oliver's were happy with their pick from the new chickens. The day came when Mabel was in the nestbox for real. After many minutes, out of Mabel popped out an egg!!!!! When the Oliver's went to gather the eggs for the day, they were overjoyed to see that Mabel had finally gotten comfortable and laid her egg.
  10. Mabel was pleased too. She was not exactly comfortable, but now at least she knew the other chickens, and the new coop. (hey, can somebody make a new charecter here?)

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